Welcome to CAMS Trident

CAMS Trident is a world class integrity control - technical services organization dedicated to delivering solutions!

CAMS Trident assists with reducing clients' risks by providing technical inspections and multi-level maintenance services.

We provide technical strategies, safety services and multi-level maintenance to Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Construction, Engineering, Chemical, and other heavy industries.

Our Management Team, Technicians and Subject-Matter Experts place extreme emphasis on delivering focused solutions to meet our clients' needs and are among the most respected in the energy industry.

Operating primarily in the United States, we have successfully collaborated on many demanding projects, providing clients with a broad array of services including:

  • Visual inspection
  • Close interval surveys
  • ECDA - ACVG/DCVG, CIS and Cell to Cell
  • Asset Management
  • Integrity Management
  • Regulatory Compliance {49 CFR 192 ~ 195}

These aspects and more are coupled with our comprehensive maintenance programs tailored to our clients' conformance and standards specifications.