Every person who works at CAMS Trident is important and therefore safety is our highest priority.

Our success with clients, and consequently the overall success of our business, depends on the safety of our team, clients, client’s assets and the environment.

We strive to provide a safe and healthful workplace and subscribe to these principles:

  • Providing a safe workplace for employees. This includes providing adequate PPE and safe working equipment.
  • Verifying that all technicians are properly trained to perform specific scopes of work by implementing a robust in-house OQ (Operator Qualification) program and NACE training.
  • Constantly monitoring the company’s safety performance, working environment and field conditions.
  • Safety and health controls are major parts of our daily work. Conducting proper safety training, being prepared for each day’s work with the correct gear, JSAs, JLAs, DSM (Daily Safety Meetings).
  • Safety is no accident and is a vital part of our business success.
  • Our safety program requires the participation (and buy in) of all employees in order to improve safety awareness and to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Knowing when to use Stop Work Authority.

With a proven track record for safety and environmental awareness audited and maintained with NCCER, Energy Worldnet, ISNetworld, DISA, Veriforce and Safety Advantage — CAMS Trident is committed to safety by following operating practices that will safeguard all employees and result in safe working conditions and efficient operation.